BABA TSHAK ft. Ben Sweeden – Bessalama

BABA TSHA, in collaboration with the talented BEN SWEEDEN, presents: BESSALAMA. This track is an exhilarating blend of Afro House and Latino House, offering a unique musical experience. Inspired by the famous song by Cheb Khaled, « Rouhi Ya Wahran Bessalama, » this remix reinvents and modernizes the timeless classic with a contemporary touch. Dive into a sunny and festive atmosphere, where the catchy rhythms and enchanting melodies transport you to new and exciting musical horizons. Get ready to dance and groove to the sound of this exceptional collaboration! This new take on « Rouhi Ya Wahran Bessalama » pays homage to Cheb Khaled’s classic while infusing it with a distinctly modern energy, creating a bridge between generations and musical cultures.

« Rouhi Ya Wahran Bessalama » is an emblematic song by the Algerian singer Cheb Khaled, also known as the « king of Raï ». It was released in the 1990s and became one of his most famous songs. The title literally means « Go, Oran, in peace ». The song is a tribute to the city of Oran in Algeria, where Cheb Khaled was born. It is characterized by catchy Raï rhythms, a popular musical genre in Algeria and the Arab world, as well as poetic lyrics evoking love and nostalgia.