BABA TSHA - Sookara

BABA TSHA – Sookara

« Sookara » is a mesmerizing musical creation by the talented artist BABA TSHA that bridges the worlds of Arabic and Afro House music. This song is a harmonious and dance-inducing fusion, carrying a profound message as its title suggests, meaning « Ivre d’amour » or « Drunk with Love » in Arabic.

From the first beats, « Sookara » envelops the listener in a rhythmic embrace that is impossible to resist. It masterfully blends the vibrant energy of Afro House with the alluring melodies of Arabic House, resulting in a musical experience that is both enchanting and captivating.

The title « Sookara, » with its poetic connotation of being intoxicated by love, sets the tone for a song that is both evocative and emotive. BABA TSHA’s expert composition takes listeners on a journey of emotions, using the power of music to convey the profound feelings of love and passion.

The song’s arrangement is a celebration of cultural diversity, seamlessly weaving together elements from Arabic and Afro House music traditions. The result is a track that feels both timeless and contemporary, a testament to the universal language of music.

As « Sookara » unfolds, listeners will find themselves irresistibly drawn to the dance floor, where the intoxicating rhythms and melodies invite them to express their own feelings through movement and music. BABA TSHA’s artistry shines through in this composition, showcasing his ability to connect hearts and souls through his music.

Prepare to be enraptured by the spellbinding sounds of « Sookara » by BABA TSHA, a harmonious and rhythmic masterpiece that celebrates the universal theme of love while seamlessly merging the rich traditions of Arabic and Afro House music.